Mike’s coaching business has grown out of the work he has done with larger groups after participants in his workshops approached him for more one-on-one training. As a coach, Mike provides support for people who need help navigating new and evolving job responsibilities, difficult dialogues within the workplace, and accountability to career goals.

As someone who specializes in working with social-justice focused organizations, Mike is especially adept at helping people navigate communication and behavioral norms in relation to gender, race, sexuality, and class. He provides non-judgmental support to those who are learning new language and concepts in relation to difference, and helps his clients understand what good allyship looks like.

Mike Beebe is a great facilitator and presenter, and he can educate you about the difference between the two! Mike also has a strong anti-racism analysis, which make his ‘How to be an Effective Ally’ workshops stand out!


Julia Kirchner



Mike provides guidance to Supervisors who wish to become more effective at coaching their staff, volunteers and interns. Mike draws from his decades of experience supervising staff, interns, volunteers, and AmeriCorps Members.


In our work to create a more just world, Mike helps staff explore what it means to practice accountability across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, etc. Mike helps identify meaningful actions they can take to leverage the places they experience advantages or privilege to affect change.


Mike has been facilitating meetings and trainings for decades and is thrilled to support you in your journey to be a more effective facilitator and/or trainer!