Leadership Skills for Workplace Diversity in Seattle

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Mon, April 30, 2018
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144

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Join us for this practical, hands on supervisory and leadership skills workshop grounded in anti-bias principles to enhance your coaching skills, and heighten your ability to supervise with an equity lens. Fleur, Keonna, and Mike bring a unique combination of experiences working with non-profit, public sector, and corporate organizations. They all bring a shared commitment to creating a more just world and have thought deeply about equity in the workplace.

Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own biases and make connections to how those might be influencing their leadership style or supervising skills.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Clearly stated values to drive leadership
  2. Understanding of personal bias and blindspots
  3. Skills and strategies for equitable management
  4. Identify the link between valuing equity and HR to implement into policies and proceedures

Workshop Description:

As Supervisors and Leaders committed to equity in the workplace, how can we implement and execute what we’ve learned and create the change we want to see and create more effective, accountable, and equitable organizations as we do it?

This training is intended to challenge us to examine our beliefs, attitudes, and practices about the people with whom we have been tasked to lead. It will provide participants with a solid understanding of leading with your values, giving and receiving feedback and how to administer the human resources and operational practices of your organization thru the lense of equity. Upon completion, you will be able to answer the question? “What do I do now?” as well as some practical tools to advance your work.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  1. A clear link between valuing equity and implementing it into leadership
  2. An understanding of personal bias and blindspots
  3. Skills and strategies for management grounded in power and privliege analysis
  4. Opportunities to infuse equity within your HR practices
  5. Ideas that can be implemented into your organization resulting in an immediate impact
Who will benefit from this workshop?

This experiential workshop is ideal for leaders interested in applying their basic knowledge of social justice, race, and biases to become more effectively leaders in organizations of all sizes and at all stages of their development. All that’s needed is a desire to either develop or refine self-awareness practices on your team or within your organization. Participants should be in a position to enact change within their organization. This means supervisors, managers, directors, operations professionals, human resources professionals, executive directors, leaders of teams, or people with the capacity and energy to start making changes.

We strongly recommend that organizations send 2-3 people to the training to partner in sharing the learning and implementation when you return to your organization.

Get 10% off if you register 3 or more staff from the same organization. (See group rate ticket option on registration page.)

This workshop is brought to you in partnership with: HR & Equity Consulting Firm and Leadership for Change.

Limited number of partial scholarship are available upon request. For more info, contact Mike Beebe at mpbeebe@gmail.com.