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Mike Beebe and his company Leadership for Change offer training, coaching, facilitating, and consulting services to support individuals, schools, non-profits, government agencies, and businesses in their work to create a more just world. Mike has over 25 years experience working with and supporting individuals and groups to achieve their leadership development goals.

Mike’s specialties include leadership skills development, facilitation skills training, supervisory skill building, aspiring ally work, cultural competency awareness building, and strategic planning. Mike is available for workshops, meeting facilitation, individual leadership and professional coaching, and more. Contact Mike to develop your leadership skills today!

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Mike’s coaching provides a safe, confidential space for reflection and feedback for clients to air concerns, consider solutions, and make more conscious decisions. The ultimate goal is to help individuals and groups move to a new action or behavior while learning, growing and developing.

facilitation & consulting

Mike offers a variety of services to organizations, including meeting facilitation & training in effective meeting facilitation skills, developing long-term & short-term strategic plans & leadership curriculum development for both youth & adults.


Mike offers workshops on a variety of topics that will be tailored to your team’s needs, including training on leadership, facilitation skills, team building, goal setting, communication, consensus decision making, diversity education, and allyship. education, and, and a

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